Rehabilitative Therapy

Patients with many kinds of injuries or illnesses resulting in functional impairment may benefit from home health services.

More specifically individual diagnostic-related groups most likely to need home health rehabilitative services are:

Other common diagnoses or problems indicating home rehabilitative services may include but are not limited to:

A typical initial physical therapy visit

A referral for home health services is generated through the patient's physician. If necessitated by the patient's medical condition a nurse will be the admitting professional and will be the case manager, who coordinates all services provided. If nursing is not indicated, the physical therapist wiill admit the patient to home health and coordinate all services provided. Both will communicate closely with the referring physician regarding plan of treatment and progress.

The initial physical therapy visit may include:

Subsequent physical therapy visits will focus on teaching and providing treatment techniques to help the patient and/or caregiver achieve the established functional goals and to reach a higher level of independence or self sufficiency.

Some of the treatment techniques utilized may include:

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